Young Sook Park of YSP Gallery has partnered with Charles de Viel Castel of CVC Stones to create a limited ceramics collection that ignites a new dialogue around the limitations and expectations of ceramic art. Born out of both artists’ shared tradition of transcending organic materials, this collection introduces the precarious process of inlaying diamonds into perfectly shaped and delicate ceramic creations. Showcasing the technique for which Park is most renowned, the collection includes two large and five medium moonjars—vulnerable artworks in their own right: only ten percent of the jars Park sculpts survive in the kiln. Such is the nature and beauty of her craft. By entrusting the moonjars to de Viel Castel’s technique, the jars are submitted to new forces when drilled for the inlaying process. The result is a convergence of trust, vision, and tension, built on mutual admiration and reverence for the integrity of clay and stone.

Park, based in Seoul, and de Viel Castel, based in New York City, sought inspiration from the constellations for the design of their collection. Rather than adornments, the diamonds bring out a new dimension to the jars through their subtle placement, and are an invitation for curiosity and contemplation.